About Us – Autumn Brown Style

About Us

Autumn Brown Style’s brand is a no restrictions, all-inclusive platform for you to become the most stylish version of yourself. Every style can find themselves in our brand. We strive to give women the place to find pieces that make them feel bold, fashion-forward while also feeling comfortable. We make the intellectual, trendy, busy woman feel confident and alluring. The bold professional feel gorgeous and ready to talk business. The sexy homebody Netflix and chill, all in style! 

She’s on the go, she has fun, she dresses up and down, she likes to be active, and most importantly, she loves herself through her style!

Doing Our Part  

It’s a part of our mission to take care of the earth and do as much as we can to contribute. Autumn Brown Style has taken a stance for sustainability by committing to 99% eco-friendly packaging. We’re proud members of the Eco-Packaging Alliance by which we contribute to global reforestation one order at a time. Your orders plant trees and take steps in making the world a more eco-conscious better place. 

In addition to an untarnished unboxing experience without excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic, our packaging is: biodegradable, recycled, and reusable and uses soy/water-based ink, which is non-toxic, and zero plastic. Because not everyone is ahead of it like us, we make sure to recycle any packages we receive and continue to embrace our social responsibility. You can read more about our use of sustainable packaging here.        

A Little About Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown Style’s brand is a representation of me and my closet and everything I stand for.

I’ve always had a love for fashion, and now I can share it with you! The excitement of combining colors and patterns to create looks that are admirably uncomfortable is what has brought me here today. Early in my education, I learned to use fashion as a creative platform, especially by learning to accessorize a bland polyester school uniform. The restrictions challenged me to take ownership of my image and make it work and make it mine, which captured my love for fashion because it helped identify me.
At the University of Alabama, my B.A. in Apparel Design & Textiles formalized my passion and prepared me to challenge being different as pursuing education for fashion in South Atlanta is uncommon. This is why following graduation, I moved to New York City, where I was exposed to style as a business, as a lifestyle, which only assured me I was in the right industry chasing the right dream. Working at Loro Piana, Altuzzara, Tommy Hilfiger, Savage x Fenty, Blancore, Lee Jeans, and more, I evolved in the industry and grew more in love with every step of my journey.

But given the circumstances we’re facing as a community, I’ve been prompted to continue to fuel my passion and take matters into my own hands and share my zeal for fashion with you via this store. Thank you for joining me and sharing your styling experience with me!